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QuickBooks Professional is the traditional, desktop-installed version of QuickBooks. The advantages of QuickBooks are a more robust, more developed set of features. Once you’re set up, it can take up to 24 hours for the initial sync to complete. Afterwards, the sync will occur periodically every five minutes. Technology you choose for your firm—it’s important to carefully vet your options first. LEDES Billing Automate legal billing codes with just a few clicks.

This kind of process needs workforce, time and is an additional expense to the law firm. With legal practice management software that includes billing within the larger system, your data is also stored conveniently in one place. This cuts down on the need to double enter data or cross-reference information in multiple platforms.

Having all of your practice management and accounting needs combined in one place makes it very convenient and helps your business run more efficiently. Every industry has specific needs with it comes to quickbooks online for lawyers accountancy software and the legal profession is no different. In fact, lawyers and solicitors’ requirements are so specific that an entirely new breed of cloud-based software has emerged to meet them.

  • Lynda Artesani is president of Artesani Accounting, where she uses her expertise and organizational skills to help her small business clients grow their firms, thrive and become profitable.
  • Add low-cost, fully integrated QuickBooks Payments Processing for Credit Cards, ACH and Real-Time Bank Transfers.
  • Running QuickBooks Professional in secure Private Cloud, via a Virtual Desktop platform, gives your law firm the advantages of the cloud, without having to maintain servers and deal with IT headaches.
  • Advanced gives you robust tools to quickly and easily monitor your business so you can make adjustments to improve profitability.

Even with their online version, you still need an internet connection in order to track your time. Another trust accounting issue where QuickBooks falls short is account replenishment. With QuickBooks, it is necessary to consistently review trust account balances and manually send out replenishment requests to clients.

Leanlaw Plans & Pricing

You don’t need to invest in software that only functions as a glorified clock that tracks time. QuickBooks, both QBO and Premier for Lawyers, tracks every dollar coming in and going out of your firm. You can instantly run financial statements to see how your business is doing. Generate statements such as cash flow, profit and loss, balance sheets, etc. Email reports directly to clients, banks, partners, or equity members.

Another unique feature of Enterprise is the opportunity to add hosting functionality, meaning you wouldn’t have to host the system on your own local servers. This hosting functionality would allow for remote access to Enterprise anytime, anywhere, on any device, essentially mimicking cloud-based tools such as QBO. QuickBooks includes registers for managing bank accounts as well as for credit cards and lines of credit.

There are different versions of the QuickBooks software helping attorneys & law firms achieve financial hygiene in their system. Start hosting with the initial version of the software and gradually upgrade it as per the use. The tool will help manage the finances of your law firm & prosper the right way. QuickBooks legal allows you to generate financial statements and share them with partners. Get information about your law firm’s cash flow, profit and loss, and more. Combined with Smokeball law firm insights reporting, you can have a complete picture of your firm’s financial health. In some cases, a business might need to pay for customer expenses using the money held in the liability account.

Split Billing

There’s no point in using legal accounting and billing software if it makes your work harder. It needs to have enough features to streamline your workflows and simplify your workload.

PCLaw, by LexisNexis, earned the top spot in our list of the best law firm accounting software and is a popular desktop-based practice management and accounting software. It allows law firms to manage matters, track time and expenses, pay vendors, accept client payments, and manage trust accounts in one place. While QuickBooks offers useful tools for general accounting, it is lacking in offerings that are specific to the legal industry and law firms. Time tracking and billing are major aspects of running a legal practice, and QuickBooks just does not provide the necessary support for handling these tasks. Rely on TimeSolv to fill in the gaps and provide you with the tools your law office needs.

The organization and automation features will keep your law practice running smoothly and efficiently. The accounting suite offers a comprehensive list of financial features.

It is important to consult with your State Bar Association to make sure that your trust account setup is compliant with https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ the rules of your state. If you fail to comply with state regulations, severe penalties and even disbarment may result.


With QuickBooks Online Advanced, there are no chart of account limits, so there is no issue. You can have as many accounts open and, more importantly, client matters, as necessary. Some important features to look for include matter management, time tracking, trust accounting, billing system, and practice management. LeanLaw offers timekeeping pushed automatically to your invoice, comprehensive & automated billing, fixed fee billing, trust accounting, automated legal billing codes, expense tracking, and real-time reporting. It also has time & billing with advanced origination tracking & reporting and complete business accounting, trust accounting, and settlement management. This software is a joint venture between PCLaw and Time Matters, so it features pretty much everything a law firm will need, from matter management and billing to legal accounting and practice management. As a law firm, it is important to create reports based on client type & name to better track their metrics.

quickbooks online for lawyers

This fragmentation defeats the purpose of using practice management software, which is to make your life easier by managing all areas of your law practice. Law firms that use multiple platforms to manage distinct parts of their business end up creating more work for employees. For example, lawyers may be required to enter data multiple times in different systems, so you fail to reap the full benefits of the technology. The two tools take care of everything from tracking revenue and expenses to billing clients—especially when you use them together.

Track Your Profitability At A Glance

With user authentication, the files can be accessed at any time remotely. QuickBooks is one of the trusted names in cloud financing & the best way to generate automated reports of accounting.

  • Start managing finances in a better way with the 24/7 support of the QuickBooks hosting technicians.
  • “One of our favorites is Smart reporting powered by Fathom is a reporting tool that comes with Advanced subscriptions without any additional charge.
  • It includes law-specific features such as unlimited clients & matters and flexible billing options for fixed, hourly, and consolidated.
  • Enhance your practice management by integrating LEAP with applications for appointment scheduling, LEDES billing, law firm accounting, and more.
  • Still unsure about which QuickBooks platform would be the best fit for your firm?

In this case, lawyers will need to prepare invoices, process payments, and record them. These activities constitute a huge amount of time spent on other non-billing tasks such as case analysis and many more. It is not only time-consuming, but it is also costly since you will need to allocate resources for this. I strongly suggest fixing reconciliations by undoing them and redoing them as opposed to going into the register and manually reconciling them. I would also suggest running the reconciliation report and saving that report before undoing the reconciliation.

Best Law Firm Accounting Software In 2022

Having strong reporting and analysis is required for financially responsible decision making at your firm. At Uptime Legal, we host QuickBooks and other legal software for hundreds of law firms across North America. This option is probably best suited for solo and very small law firms .

quickbooks online for lawyers

QB Seminar Systems is an organization that helps small business owners across numerous industries learn to use QuickBooks tools. One of their website’s training resources provides instruction on setting up QuickBooks within a law office. Ironically, the advice provided on the site speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the software in meeting the specific needs of a law firm.

How To Build A Complete Law Office In The Cloud

Sync contacts, bills, and transactions from your practice management software to QuickBooks with ease and speed. Zola Suite is an end-to-end practice management software designed specifically for lawyers.

There are greater chances of client experience improvement with enhanced custom fields. Increase the level of security with the right kind of QuickBooks hosting service. There is always a helping hand for QuickBooks hosting from the service provider! Consult with the technical experts & fix all issues related to QuickBooks operations. Start managing finances in a better way with the 24/7 support of the QuickBooks hosting technicians. Uncheck the box next to I sell this product/service to my customers.

Several journals are created in LEAP and exported to QuickBooks Online. There is an audit trail of every transaction, and you can quickly and easily check to ensure that all journal entries have been made.

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