Discover a sculpture out of YueMi at Depletion Creation, as TianQi place it here whenever she died

The three headed dragon finds out him or her, and you can QingMu and you will JingJian challenge it. QingMu shows off his epic fighting experiences. (impressive attacking audio comes in)

[Ep 27] QingMu asks to name off the wedding anywhere between him and you will JingZhao. MuGuang agrees to call it well. But because of their poison, the guy faints when you are hugging HouChi.

Just a great God’s energy can help to save QingMu today. The only option is WuHuan. HouChi would go to ask WuHuan to keep QingMu. If you find yourself HouChi is attempting to find an answer, QingMu appear. Both get-off, and you will visit the North sea, features a cute nothing time truth be told there.

HouChi goes toward new Pilgrimage Hall (which was ShangGu’s castle), where MuGuang are, in order that she you are going to persuade your so you can repair QingMu. But there is however a boundary in the Hall, just in case you aren’t strong sufficient, you’re slain. She almost becomes deceased, but FengRan relates to help save the lady. HouChi with ease knowledge the barrier, and recalls moments of ShangGu’s lifetime.

FengRan including nearly passes away, however, JingJian concerns save your self the girl (it’s simply a cycle of “it will save you myself, I help save you” etcetc) .

MuGuang has recently already been meditating, very HouChi has to use their religious capability to communicate with him, however, she’s got really low spiritual electricity, so she faints. The newest Pilgrimage Hall picked HouChi since it is owner and you will she recalls enough ShangGu’s memory.

FengRan informs JingJian that she knows that his confession last night is merely to save your self the lady, and that she wouldn’t annoy your once they return to QingChi castle.

HouChi gets doing Qingmu, and QingMu feeds the girl specific soup. He intends to healthy her three times a day, for the next twenty thousand age or so. HouChi blows your, and then he pretends it hurts, but when she inspections the newest injury, Qingmu brings this lady toward a hug.

JingZhao goes to get a hold of HouChi and you can tells her site hiperЕ‚Д…cze in the just who indeed stored QingMu. She informs HouChi which indeed spared QingMu, but QingMu arrives and you can converts one to report off.

[Ep 30] MuGuang arrangements into giving his very own dragon core to keep JingZhao. When the the guy performs this, there can be a giant chance he’ll die. But WuHuan says to your that when the guy doesn’t want getting a bad man, she will be able to end up being the bad guy, and you will push QingMu to experience the newest forty-two super affects to track down the new dragon core right back on the girl birthday celebration.

QingMu and HouChi hold give and you may enter WuHuan’s party. HouChi agreements on giving JingZhao the lady dragon key, in order that QingMu will not pass away. However, she doesn’t have you to definitely. Thus so you’re able to offer JingZhao the woman dragon center, QingMu was ready to glance at the 44 lightning affects. HouChi try happy to look at the super which have your.

He plus confesses that he likes FengRan

We see GuJun into very first time as the ShangGu is reincarnated! They are lower than a rather high strange tree meditating, in which he gets up.

[Ep 30] HouChi and you will QingMu try both going to pass away on super. Once HouChi faints, QingMu places up a buffer and you will carries the new lightning affects. QingMu’s religious veins try ruined, and HouChi passes nearly all the lady ability to QingMu, looking to save yourself your. In some way, QingMu wakes up. But QingMu must suffer thirty two so much more super strikes, as he will get a good demigod.

QingMu requests for relationship having HouChi, but GuJun converts your off, whatever the

GuJun and appears as WuHuan involved so you can hurt HouChi. (OMG He Seems So Royal And you will Powerful) The guy tells folks you to definitely WuHuan isn’t HouChi’s mother.

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