I adore your phrase “progesterone feels as though a data recovery salve on the mind

” Yes, it may be like that. But talk to your doc. one hundred milligrams inside the luteal stage (while the you happen to be doing) are an awesome starting place on serving.

I have already been towards 200mg twenty four hours to have 1 month to possess a blog post-monthly period spirits illness while the ill effects seem to have settled.

Was an universal style of prometrium hence called progesterone can it must say micronized? I am sorry I’m not used to this and simply Come recommended prometrium although drugstore gave me a common.

As for the you’ll harmful effects you are experience, the most important thing I would personally suggest is the fact progesterone was sedating and must basically be taken at bed time (that you could currently be doing)

I’m 46 and over recent years are suffering from a PMDD-eg problems but Article menstrually. They first started to the months ten-17 however features migrated before, basically today to help you days cuatro-11.

I was wear oestrogel and you may micronised progesterone cyclically this past 12 months and you will, whilst it helped with the feeling dips, they certainly were replaced with anxiety which culminated in two times of depersonalisation/ derealisation on oestrogen merely phase. I was after that believed to provides histamine attitude thus emerged of HRT and you can performed a four-week histamine-treatment diet just before reduced reintroducing edibles. That it did not let and i had no prior a reaction to or next response to high-histamine ingredients.

I have seen yet another pro and also have been become on the a try out-of continued progesterone. This is extremely unusual in the united kingdom but she wanted to give it a try when i haven’t any outward indications of reduced oestrogen and you will possess some advice that can also be hugh (previous diagnosis regarding PCOS, two blood examination that indicating five hundred oestrogen, additional 800) 100mg made me be completely loopy (extreme stress, unmanageable weeping) thus my personal serving try upped in order to 200mg that is a bit most readily useful. But I however become lower. I’m toward big date 16.

We read Kate Power’s react on your own managing PMS blog post hence I discovered interesting however, I truly do maybe not believe I has a great histamine reaction.

Can be most other people end up being very sensitive to progesterone as well? I’m carrying out my better to hard this out incase I realized it would increase it could be much easier!

I’m to the most of the pills you suggest to have feeling in your advanced book and myo inositol, I consume zero milk products. I was for the metformin for approximately 18 ages to possess PCOS however, significantly overweight. Your physician have necessary boosting my fiber and you can interest accounts which I’m looking to perform however, that’s awesome difficult when I feel so lowest.

Something to recall would be the fact their time periods try more likely anovulatory. I’m thinking of how old you are (46) and additionally a track record of PCOS. So it is reasonable that you will n’t have the common PMDD luteal stage trend so you’re able to spirits periods (since you don’t have an excellent luteal stage). Really does that voice right? (or do you consider you used to be ovulating along with your time periods?)

This new specialist states which i have always been obviously hormonally-sensitive and that for those people that have good hormonally-delicate head required 4-6 days to adjust to an alternate regime

Whether your cycles have been large-the hormone estrogen and you can anovulatory, I’d be tempted to persist to your specialist’s recommendation off everyday two hundred milligrams progesterone.

One other material in order to possibly envision is the iodine recommendation you to definitely I talk about within my PMS post. Especially if you are negative having thyroid gland antibodies. And particularly Sikh dating service when you have nipple discomfort. It could be most useful. And additionally, would you find if you think top towards the an antihistamine?

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