Manufacturing Operations

From the boardroom to the shop floor, we can help you improve every facet of your manufacturing operations, tailoring an approach that scales from targeted enhancements to a complete reinvention of your capabilities. We provide the expertise, tools, diagnostics, benchmarks, and best practices you need to achieve immediate value today as you build toward your long-term vision.

Manufacturing Diagnostic

Your journey to full potential begins with a detailed, clear-eyed assessment of where you stand today.

Available as either a rapid (2-4 days) or comprehensive (4-6 weeks) assessment, our diagnostic assesses critical facets of manufacturing: plant performance, process waste, manpower productivity, Utilities & Waste treatment

See where you’re strong, where you lag, and what the savings potential can be when you improve specific elements of your performance and capability.

Lean Manufacturing

  • Our activity-based learning workshops for cross-functional collaborative working.
  • We conduct programs for on-site training. These are practical, insightful, customizable as per client needs.
  • Create a list of potential projects

Lean Six Sigma

  • Provide a detailed understanding of DMAIC methodology.
  • Identify projects with clear deliverables

Capability Building Interventions

  • Leadership Development
  • Autonomous Maintenance (Jishu Hozen)
  • 5S, Visual Management, Skill matrix & TPM
  • Analytical skills & Problem-solving
  • Continuous Improvement (3M: Mura, Muri & Muda. Wastes elimination. Lean tools, Value stream mapping, FMEA)

Manufacturing Excellence

  • Performance Management
  • Safety Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Quality Management
  • Production Management
  • Energy Management
  • Environment Management

We organize Focused Improvement Workshops for the training and implementation of Lean Manufacturing tools & techniques. Our workshops comprise Cross-functional team members and involve diversity. By encouraging and bringing people together to exchange ideas freely, we enable the decision-making process. We challenge the conventional method of working to drive individual behaviour by coaching them for performance. Such culture building and problem-solving exercises bring insights, facts, helps identify options and creates an alternative to challenge the underlying assumptions at each level, and reflect the imperfections that the system has in the form of process waste. The traditional manufacturing approaches characterized by the use of economic order quantities, high-capacity utilization, and high inventory pave way for scheduled deliveries based on shared forecast producing make-to-order with the quick changeover.

We are committed to an early and total eradication of all wasteful practices at the clients. We focus on making improvements by finding solutions to the chronic issues of the organization. We hand-hold the clients with the commitment to help achieve the set targets, in finding solutions for them through empowered teamwork, and streamlining processes with impeccable systems in place to make the processes self-regulated, efficient, and effective.