Find docs, code samples, helper libraries, and developer tools such as Twilio Runtime and our visual workflow builder, Studio. The end-user receives a bill with charges for voice and connectivity services. If the telecom company also offers other services, they can also become a part of the bill.

telecom software solutions

It also reduces manual work and allows telecom providers to stay compliant with state and federal laws. Convergent billing involves centralizing charges for all telecom services and uniting them in one bill. For example, a user could be taking advantage of mobile services, data services, IPTV, and others.

With the intent to secure operations and data, we’ve opened a new European office in Slovakia. As a system integrator, SYTOSS helped a telecom operator expand in a new market and delivered software and middleware to connect a billing system with legacy modules. Locate all equipment and technicians in real time with faster results and easy data sharing. Automation of customer communication, including support and notifications of overdue payments.

What is convergent billing?

If you’re looking for a complete digital transformation company with tremendous experience in digital space, then Infopulse is a good choice. Capitalize on the explosive growth of active device connections and widespread automation to enable new business models and revenue streams. They are living through all pains encountered by the organization.

Nearly all of our telecom competition grew up in the carrier segment . This means that these hard-coded methodologies create a great deal of hurdles and inflexible boundaries when time is a very important commodity. Chances are, if it’s taking weeks or longer it’s time for an upgrade. With technology that old, it’s virtually impossible to make any kind of adjustment to compete with more modernized solutions or to expand their existing product catalog to meet the demands of the buyers. “We knew Equinox turned out cost effective solutions that produced results, and how serious the entire Equinox team took their commitment to customers. As a result, we turned to their team first.” You can drive profitability and customer loyalty by establishing a 360-degree view of your customers and personalizing offers.


Pure Software – Provides next-generation embedded solutions for telecom customers to drive growth. Elinext – Provides services to startups, small businesses, and extensive communication companies around the globe. I haven’t ranked/ordered the companies based on the online research.

With strong technical know-how in the telecom industry and its challenges, Scand offers advanced custom software solutions. Belitsoft develops and delivers custom telecom solutions that adhere to best industry practices and standards. The company understands the pain points like high costs, coverage outages, poor customer service, and billing disputes. And they develop and deliver solutions addressing the pain points of customers. Adopting digital solutions will transform telecom companies’ operations to deliver best-in-class solutions to customers.

With a proactive strategy, our engineering experts spend time with your team building a strategic plan to support future needs and planned services. CHR’s team of experts are experienced in applying emerging technologies to design, build, and operate world-class FTTx and wireless broadband networks. With millions of users and fierce competition, telecoms need to proactively identify users at risk of defecting to competitors. The earlier you can identify looming churn cases, the higher your chances are for quickly addressing the problems encountered by the customer or offering additional incentives to facilitate customer loyalty. With PolyAnalyst you can build efficient models for churn prediction. Our Oracle developers are a team of long-standing experts in the processing of large amounts of data.

Fonoster vs. Hosted Telecom Solutions Comparison Chart

Infopulse – Provides telecom software services to companies of all sizes worldwide. Development of a one-stop shop where users can manage all the services they are using within one system, e.g. banking and telecommunication. Increase the release speed and decrease the maintenance costs of your applications in the cloud by creating an agile environment to make multiple production units work as a whole. Accelerate the rollout of a new generation of telecommunications services by migrating to a cloud-native architecture and leveraging a microservices-based approach. Use advanced text analysis tools to gain actionable knowledge of the competitive landscape, emerging opportunities and threats.

  • Design of user interfaces and applications for managing network devices and infrastructures via web GUI, CLI, SNMP, etc.
  • With AI-powered scheduling, planning, and dispatch, you can run more-efficient field service operations, improve customer satisfaction, and lower costs.
  • Presently, we employ several dozen Software Architects, software engineers, and QA engineers, who are conversant with one or several areas of Telecom software development and Telecom-related system integration.
  • From credit rating analysis to network data provisioning – regardless of your current software providers – our team can integrate with your existing services to provide a customized data management flow that works for your business.
  • CHR provides a full range of Managed IT and Cloud services and solutions and are customized for the unique business challenges you face.
  • Telecom billing systems powered by Kansys allow telecom customers an unparalleled level of integration with a variety of incumbent and third-party software suites.
  • For this reason, standing out among telecom software companies, Intellias offers telecom software services that will help businesses fight disruptive competition and lack of organizational agility.

As an Enterprise software market player, we are in love with Java, know it inside out and reckon it to be one of the most promising technologies for SYTOSS as a custom software provider. Presently, we employ several dozen Software Architects, software engineers, and QA engineers, who are conversant with one or several areas of Telecom software development and Telecom-related system integration. SYTOSS stays on the cutting edge of the Telecom software development technologies, and we are always eager to fulfill your software needs in this area knowledgeably and with premium quality. Effective solutions that are capable enough to efficiently plan, design, maintain, and document the complete planning and inventory of a network. OSS and BSS work in tandem to support customer-facing functions and end-to-end communication services.

Business Monitoring & Expansion Planning

Turbocharge your billing capabilities and introduce new pricing, product and service offerings at a competitive pace. “Equinox offered the most compelling and complete solution for managing usage records and monitoring potential fraud activity. Protector saves ANPI both time and money.” “Since 2000 Protector has proven its ability time and time again. Equinox fully supports us, making sure we have the tools and product knowledge necessary to be effective in the battle against fraud.”

telecom software solutions

One of our latest projects is a SaaS product, which was originally developed for an internal user but then evolved into a client’s new revenue stream. We integrate with cloud communication platforms that offer fast, simple, and scalable ways for telecom companies to modernize business communications. We integrate Artificial Intelligence Solutions to automate critical business processes for your telecom organization. We incorporate virtual assistant solutions, Robotic Process Automation software, network monitoring software, and network optimization tools to boost overall efficiency and automation.

Understand your customers’ needs

This is the first time Verizon has ever had the entire supply chain on a single planning system. This enables us to look at the business as a whole and leverage best practices from across the enterprise. A unified platform helps us prepare for an ever-changing future and navigate the many constraints and uncertainties that have become a reality in today’s world.

“Depth of experience, attention to detail, and quality support are key reasons why HTC continues to work with Equinox.” Development and upgrade of Linux-based software for L2 switching and L3 forwarding with VLANs, flow control telecom solutions development (802.3x), etc. Epam/Anywhere business – Provides technical assistance for small and medium-sized companies. System components feature to ensure seamless communication with other systems in functional and non-functional aspects.

Your telecom billing system has to be hardened enough, with the latest technological safeguards in place, to handle potential threats from bad actors. In this day and age, you can’t afford the reputational and monetary costs stemming from a lack of security caused by outdated and obsolete software. The multi-layered frameworks like telecommunications’ systems always require a strong setup.

Streamlined bill-to-cash processes help ensure fast, compliant revenue management and increase financial insight and control. Using the best practices and advanced tools, the company helps customers to reduce the business complexity. N-ix – Provides omnichannel solutions to industry-leading telecom companies around the globe. Let’s get started with the list of top 10 telecom software services in the sections below. The JEVERA team has designed and developed front- and backend components for Effortel’s innovative Telco BSS platform, which serves our clients in Telecom, Banks, Retail, and other verticals. Thank you for your professionalism, proactive communication, and excellent attitude.

Business Support Systems (BSS)

Telecom billing systems powered by Kansys allow telecom customers an unparalleled level of integration with a variety of incumbent and third-party software suites. From credit rating analysis to network data provisioning – regardless of your current software providers – our team can integrate with your existing services to provide a customized data management flow that works for your business. To be a truly effective solution, it needs to be able to reach past the billing silo and work seamlessly with your existing business and customer management CRM and ERP tools. Unfortunately, a lack of integration capability is one of the key challenges facing legacy telecom companies, who are finding themselves bogged down by older billing management systems that aren’t able to keep up with advancing technology. CallShaper is a call center software and Predictive dialer designed to help reduce costs and increase ROI for Call Centers.

Customer Convenience

MightyCall is the best tool around to help small businesses manage their customer communications. With multiple business numbers—toll-free, local, or vanity—unlimited user extensions, dozens of call features, and no hardware or installation necessary, your company will be well equipped to better connect with customers than ever before. MightyCall has taken VoIP and simplified it into an easy to use and intuitive interface that anyone can understand. Better yet, we’ve pushed VoIP further than nearly any other provider, including CRM features that enable better contact upkeep and a note-taking system so all of your information about customers is in the same place. If you’re a small business and you’re struggling to keep customer communication under control in an omnichannel age, MightyCall will help you tame and organize it all for less than nearly every CRM system and the majority of VoIP providers on the market.

With SAP Commerce Cloud, telco and utilities accelerator and SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, we were able to deliver an intuitive, complete digital user experience. Track telco network equipment and IoT data in a central repository to simplify collaboration on asset maintenance, usage, and failures – and to keep telco assets performing at their best. It doesn’t matter what kind of solution a telecom company uses. The team of Scand with technical expertise will help improve the business. Want senior tech talents and full-stack development partners for your telecom solution need? Their solutions include video conference platforms, mobile apps with video conferencing, and other advanced functionality.

Presence based on Location Rankings, Comparative Analysis between Locations, Competitor’s Location Analysis and other features. Ability to create and process invoices online without extra paperwork or delays. Automation of manual processes to reduce human errors and take the burden off the team.

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