There are many traits that a Leader must adorn and deliver as a part of his daily life. His actions speak louder than words sometimes. A leader is watched, admired, and followed by all the right actions, albeit very slowly. The reason they are slow as they need to become a habit for us. But once it’s on our system to do it regularly, the impacts and benefits are plentiful.

One such trait is being a Compassionate Leader.

Compassion is not a trait that a leader is born with, it stems out of considerate behavior. Some of the greatest leaders in history are known to be empathetic, considerate, and kind. To be a great leader, one must be empathetic to awaken the learning and knowledge of team members. Empathy begins by taking an understanding of life from the experience and perception of another.

Dr. Geil Browning
(Image Courtesy: sibutros 15 Kami Guildner)

Dr. Geil Browning explained the importance of compassion in her recent blog post about love in leadership with studies demonstrating that engaged employees perform 200 percent better than those without it.

Here are some of the traits of compassionate leaders:

  1. Build a collaborative culture: Such leaders know that excellence is a team effort. They will work relentlessly to make the teams function as one unit. They lay the groundwork for success! They know when to lead from the front when the team is in danger and when to step aside to let the team enjoy the taste of success.
  2. Remove barriers: Compassionate leaders are involved with their teams in the daily grind. They help them solve and eliminate any problems they face in getting their tasks done. Leaders understand the internal emotional patterns of their team members; assess the negative ones which can be transformed in the future and promote affirmative changes to help them be more successful going forward.
  3. Impact: Compassionate leaders are always on the go! They always lookout to help others and have no room for selfishness. They are blessed with an attitude of abundance and do not look at thinks against a pessimistic light. They don’t dread challenges and their actions set the tone for the employees to keep their morale high. Greatest changes can occur by paying heed to the finest details
  4. Standards: These leaders are governed by strong ethics. They lead by example and their sense of integrity inspires the people around them. This helps them gain the trust of employees who are new or unsure. They emphasize the importance of enhancing quality often. When quality is expected, team efforts naturally increase.
  5. Passion: Such leaders know that there is nothing more powerful than a driven team. They hold a deep concern for knowing how their team members feel and work incessantly to instill passion and commitment in those who are unable to do so on their own. They encourage everyone to approach all the tasks, including the smaller ones, with renewed determination. Before taking on a new project, they ensure they spend enough time with teams to explain the cause!

So urging all leaders to explore this aspect into your Leadership Style and make your teams more driven to achieve greater glory.

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