This is by far the easiest and most basic way to activate Snip & Sketch on your Windows system. Simply press ‘Windows + S’ on your keyboard to bring up the this page Windows 11 Search and then search for ‘Snip and Sketch’. You won’t need to type the entire name for the app to show up. Screenshots have always been the go-to way to capture your screen on Windows and the platform has always offered a dedicated PrtSc key to capture your screen with a single click. But as Windows has progressed over the years, so have the ways in which you can take a screenshot.

  • Press the Xbox button to enter the Xbox app and select Captures to edit a clip.
  • Using Alt+PrtScn together captures only an individual window.
  • While it’s not a specialized screenshot software, the Game Bar will do the job just fine.

If Windows 11 isn’t giving you the functionality you need, you can always turn to a third-party app. For a free utility, you might want to look at Greenshot for your basic screenshot needs. You can also assign the PrtSc button to open the Snipping Tool. Head into the Accessibility settings in Windows 11, then into the Keyboard tab, and turn on the Use the Print screen button to open screen snipping. Press the Windows key and the PrtSc Key at the same time. For most Windows 11 computers, the PrtSc, aka Print Screen key, is the most straightforward way to take a screenshot.

Third-party screenshot apps for Windows

This is an optional feature that is bundled with Windows and thus requires no additional downloads. If Docker still throws an error after enabling the WSL and VMP this option will need to be enabled. That means each virtual machine runs on virtual hardware. Other than these, you can enable Hyper-V and Windows Hypervisor Platform.

It is especially used when the task at hand is sensitive and needs a definite assurance that the screen and its content was captured. A screenshot taken this way can be easily found in the Pictures section of a computer where the screenshot is saved in a folder called Screenshots as well. If you go to the Screenpresso settings, there is a really cool feature to automatically add preset effects, watermark, and resize screenshots as soon as they are taken. You can even change the desktop background only when the screenshot is taken. Nimbus Capture is a screenshot, video recording, and GIF maker software that is easy to use and quickly gets the job done.

How to take screenshot on laptop Windows 11

This is the easiest method to take screenshots on every laptop. This method working approximately on every laptop with that PrtScr button. You can easily take screenshots of the full screen from this method. Another way to take screenshots is to use a program like Snagit. This program allows you to capture specific areas of the screen or individual windows. With the Windows login screen, some restrictions are imposed on grabbing screenshots by a Run command called Winlogon, which can be accessed from the Start menu.

Select the Automatically save screenshots I capture to OneDrive option under Screenshots. The benefit here is that your screenshots reside in Microsoft’s cloud. If you set OneDrive to sync the screenshot folder to your PC, you’ll have local access to these shots versus accessing and downloading the files through a browser. A dark overlay appears stating Draw a shape to create a screen snip. Likewise, you can use Windows Snip & Sketch to capture the full screen in Windows 10.

Once you select the Ubuntu 19.04 option and click Create Virtual Machine, the Hyper-V client will download and install Ubuntu in a software “container” . Once completed, Hyper-V prompts you with two buttons. This is one of two methods to create a virtual machine using Windows 10’s built-in tool.

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