Advisory and Consulting Services

Advisory and Consulting roles that can be played by our team is a unique combination and opportunity to combine our decades of experience and the soaring ambition of your organizational growth. The advisory role that we play will be more often strategic and long term, while consulting often includes details of implementation and focus on performance improvement.

More often than not, our advisers can serve long-term positions and help your businesses accomplish their overarching objectives so they can reach their strategic goals. And help stay consistently focused on the long-term success and overall trajectory of the company.

All our team members from the Founder to the Principal Consultants are seasoned, reputed professionals with decades of experience in the industry. For many growing businesses and start-ups, their expert advice and razor-sharp acumen will be a more favorable option to help entrepreneurs and small-business owners gain traction in an ever-competitive industry.

Advisory and Consulting Services offered:

  • Leadership Development and Consulting
  • Sales Operations – Strategic Interventions
  • Marketing Strategy and Communications
  • Training and Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Medico-Marketing Services for Domestic Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management – Domestic and International
  • Procurement, Sourcing and Packaging Advisory
  • Manufacturing/ Process Consulting – Manufacturing diagnostic, Lean Manufacturing, Energy management, Environment Management
  • Medical Devices – Strategic, Marketing, Sales, and BD Advisory
  • Communication strategies – People Engagement, Customer engagement
  • New Business Initiatives Consult with focus on Acquisitions, Sell-Buy Mandates, Company Launch entry strategy