Leadership Development and Mentoring

Leadership Development Drives Results.

When done right, leadership development accelerates transformational change in individuals, teams, organisations and the ecosystem.

Accelerate the Development of Emerging Leaders

There is an urgent need for effective leadership in our institutions of higher learning, government and corporations. Emerging leaders are all around us, but they need help developing into effective leaders.

Workplace Dynamics will explain what it means to be a leader, and outline the process needed to build leadership in oneself and in others, through appropriate development techniques.

  • Define and identify effective leadership
  • Recognize opportunities for emerging leaders to practice leadership
  • Recommend effective methods for leadership development
  • Accelerate Business Results through Facilitated Collaboration
  • Designing & Delivering Effective Leadership Development Programs

2 KEY Areas where Leadership Development can be offered

At Strategy Level

  • Leaders drive Strategy for an organisation. That will begin from defining the Purpose of the Organisation or Division or Plant or even for his Department.
  • All actions we plan and design thereafter are aimed at leveraging a sustained organisational growth that is profitable.
  • Developing a strategic insight that results in the near-short-long terms plans is the most fool-proof methodology that one can embark upon.

Workplace Dynamics helps you achieve these objectives by working with you on a long-term basis and propelling your growth trajectory.

At Operational Level

  • Redesigning Business Operations to improve efficiency and margins, leading to greater productivity and profits will be the key to having seamless operations.
  • Building the Leadership Engagement activity towards understanding how to be agile and business centric. Being responsive to Internal and External Stakeholders can be the difference between just winning and creating milestones.

How do we help in Leadership Consulting

  • Strengthening the Corporate Ideology & Purpose
  • Corporate Culture Building
  • Organisational Operational Metrics and Its Diagnostics
  • Facilitating Change Management
  • Leadership Enhancement at critical levels
  • Enhance leadership skills/ competencies


Mentoring is sharing knowledge, skills and life experience to guide another towards reaching their full potential; it’s a journey of shared discovery. It is a positive, supportive relationship, encouraging people to develop to their fullest potential.

Mentoring programs link organisations and their people together, increase knowledge share and break down artificial silos, and improve overall culture. They also empower individuals to take control of their own development and career progression.

Our Principal Consultants are members from the Corporate world who have walked the talk and come with very credible track records for being suited as ideal Mentors that you may ever need in the increasingly VUCA world.

Reach out to us for a conversation and engagement plan with your top-bracket, hi-pot Executives and Leaders for mentoring them to greater success and professionals.

Mentoring Engagements can be undertaken for:

  • CEOs/Presidents
  • Cluster/Division Heads
  • HOD’s of Support Functions
    • Supply Chain/Procurement/Strategy/ Training/Distribution
  • National Sales Heads
  • Marketing Heads
  • Plant heads/ Cluster heads/ Production and Maintenance heads