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Anjani Gandhi

Principal Consultant
Human Resources

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Anjani is a passionate HR generalist and a multi-genre Coach known for building robust organizational systems. She is a Mentor and a guide who helps you recognize your full potential and then coaches you on how to achieve it. As a leader, she brings immense creativity and a “Can Do” attitude to every project that she undertakes. She is a Maverick thinker who always strives to find imaginative solutions to impossible problems.

Anjani started her career in the Hospitality industry. As a young trainee in hotel operations, she learned firsthand the value of managing frontline team members with competence, respect, and empathy. These foundational principles are an essential part of her leadership skills and inform her management style to date.

It is her empathy and her desire to coach, train & develop her team that led her to transition to the Human Resources side of the business. Since then, she has gained competency in every aspect of Human Resources. She has recruited, trained, and built her team from scratch; she has led established HR teams through periods of transition and growth. She has overseen organizational changes and compliance protocols during six different mergers & acquisitions efforts. In a career spanning two decades, she has affected change for employees of 70 different nationalities, speaking multiple languages, living across Asia, Middle East & Europe.

Through it all, her first love has remained Coaching and Human Resource Development. Anjani has developed proprietary training programs directed towards executives and senior leadership. She has created Self-Directed Teams programs & competency frameworks. She is an expert in HRIS design and implementation. She has over 15,000 hours of coaching experience of which, 5,000 hours have been coaching C-level executives. Anjani is certified on Lumina Spark and is currently pursuing her PCC and EMCC accreditations.

Her latest endeavor is to provide quality coaching solutions to individuals, teams, and organizations through her company – The Bento Coach. Anjani and her fellow coaches “connect bite-sized concepts and insightful reflections in bespoke programs to facilitate continuous learning”. As a Bento Coach, she is on a mission to make coaching convenient. When she is not working, Anjani is a poet and a creator dabbling in mixed media art. She is an avid traveler, having visited 38 countries and aspiring to see more of this world. Her most important role though is Mom to her 9-year old, who keeps her on her toes!