Shriharsh Kaushik

Shriharsh Kaushik

Sales Trainer, SFE Consultant, Hypnotherapists, Traveller, YouTube


Shriharsh Over 28 years’ experience in building and managing start-up operations and scaling up existing operations in India and international Pharmaceuticals Industry. Supporting leadership in designing organization structures, help in talent management through learning interventions resulting in enhanced organization and people capabilities. He began his journey in Frontline sales, moved to Training and General Management for the last two decades. His work sphere spans some of the top leading pharmaceutical companies from Organon – BlueCross – Ranbaxy – Mylan and Cipla

Key Roles:

Head SFE at Cipla International
The Role involved managing the transition from B2B to front ending and Setting up or aligning acquired sales teams to Cipla’s business Model by Implementation Cipal’s system & process to enhance the sales force effectiveness and deliver the commercial objectives in over 25 countries.

Vice President at Mylan

  • Played a pivotal role in Mylan India Commercial launch and subsequently launch four businesses verticals, HIV Care, Women’s Care, Onco Care and Critical Care by developing systems and aligning them to global process.
  • Also Involved in Global Sales Excellence (GSE) on several global projects involving Sales Automation, Segmentation & Targeting & Developing training curriculum for commercial operations across the Globe.
  • Took responsibility of the HIV Care Business Unit, as a SBU Head, looking after the sales and marketing role, this involved restructuring, rationalizing and reviving the business.

General Manager at Ranbaxy

Lead the Sales Training Function for India region responsible for 26 SBUs, this involved over induction, development and assessment of over 6000 field personal across all therapeutic segments of Indian pharmaceutical industry.


  • Perusing my PhD form JJTU Rajasthan
  • MASTER OF HUMAN RESOURSE DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT, from University of Bombay – Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management and Research – Mumbai
  • MASTER OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT, University of Bombay – Chetna’s R.K. Institute of Management and Research – Mumbai
  • BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, University of Bombay -Wilson College – Mumbai, India

“Always be leading from high to higher …” Shriharsh

“Happiness is a beer away” Shriharsh

“Love spins the world around” -Shriharsh