Where YOU can work with me

During my entire Corporate experience, I have been fortunate to be associated with all the leading Pharmaceutical companies, working with complex, multi-layered and hybrid cultures, managing Teams and Businesses at varying performance statures, and emerging out by being an Outstanding contributor and facilitator in my role of being their Leader. Having moved up the ranks from being a front-line executive to the Chief Executive/MD, it has been a fulfilling journey and I will be glad to bring those experiences and learnings in the form of contributions to aid your progress.

Pharmaceutical Strategy & Leadership Consultant

As your Pharmaceutical Consultant or Advisor, we can jointly embark on a ‘mission-focused’ future that aims at Rebuilding your organisation, Transforming from the present state to highly profitable growth and high performing company.

We can work on Improving the Leadership Tribe in the organisation by getting them to perform at a higher level, more engaged, and fully committed to delivering high-quality deliverables.

A strategic driven organisation often sees the path much more clearly and survives difficult times much better than ones that are more tactical in their approach. It is this very ethos that I will bring to your company, divisions, departments, and people around; focusing on enabling a ‘value or purpose-driven culture and mindset’.

Leadership Communications

Leaders are the cynosure in every organisation. Leadership communications consist of those messages from a leader that are rooted in the values and culture of an organization and are of significant importance to key stakeholders. Their messages reflect vision, mission, and culture. Consistently! The leaders have to communicate the vision and goals to his team so as to motivate them to achieve them with efficiency.

We help Leaders achieve levels of high efficiency in their communication journeys. The focus will be on attaining clarity, context, and content to communicate. The ability to communicate Business objectives effectively, walk the talk in tone, candor, and credence will be an exemplary way to engage their teams.

Executive & Team Coach

As an executive coach, I will work directly with a limited number of high-level professionals – Either directly or Company sponsored. If you are seeking coaching outside your organization or a Self-employed professional or an Entrepreneur, we can focus on the areas where you’d like to grow, which may include:

  • Defining and clarifying your Professional brand or Leadership style
  • Growing your visibility in your company and industry
  • Increasing your ability to create High performing teams and performances
  • Becoming an Established thought and practice leader
  • Dramatically enhancing your online presence and impact
  • Taking your existing Business to the next level

These can be typically worked under the below 3 models:

  • Strategy Session – One-day session
  • 6 – Months Engagement
  • 12 – Months Engagement