When I am lost at sea… You are my True North! 

A brand or a portfolio may come across a series of months or years when it seems lost in the sea of competition and market. While you and your teams are managing the routine deliverables for a brand. 

  1. Approval for the next few months promotional plans
  2. Input delivery cycle
  3. Preparing multitudes of Brand Reviews templates
  4. Tactical plans to mitigate regional challenges
  5. Managing Cycle meetings 
  6. And everything in between these lines. 

It can be a serious struggle to find the right mind space to break out of the challenging undercurrent for your brand. 

The challenge remains unresolved, grows further. Senior management starts losing confidence in the team, and there you have another churn of the Brand team, making things worse. 

Best way to grab the bull by the horn in such scenarios is the classic “HUDDLE”

  1. Get your team under one roof. 
  2. Hear out the key challenges of multiple stakeholders
  3. Prioritize the challenges based on impact factor
  4. Get to Field to solve them with help of: 
    • • Surveys with mix set of customers
    • • In-depth interviews with core customers
    • • Gather competitive intelligence through every level in sales & marketing
    • • Serious Retail & Prescription audits 
    • • Look out for creative solutions
    • • Quick trials of the emerging solutions 

That’s where now the whole team is ready to create its way out of the challenge. 

Solution that’s based on Ground Zero experience of a team as a whole, helps the Brand/Portfolio navigate towards a new track with confidence. Team is now in a positive light. 

True North for Marketing & Sales challenges lies in the Ground zero experience. 

Workplace Dynamics offers a deep understanding of navigating through the ground zero in different scenarios you and your team would be at through our proprietary workshops. 

“The Brand Game” is a curated workshop for young brand Managers to help them integrate into Pharma Marketing. A detailed session on Ground Zero makes them ready for learning & insighting through interactions with various stakeholders on the field. 

“The Brand Masters” by Workplace Dynamics broadens the perspective of senior Marketers in the Pharma industry. Modules on Ground Zero are crafted towards being ahead of the curve for building strong portfolios. 

DM us if you would like to see how to build a robust Ground Zero Experience for you & your Team.

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